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Flood committee to meet on Monday

Flood prevention works are due to be completed at Iona Villas within the coming month, while several areas which have not been approved for flood relief funding will be discussed at a special meeting on Monday.

Council under pressure to introduce flood prevention measures

Heavy rainfall earlier this week sparked fears of a repeat of the problems associated with last winter’s serious flooding, resulting in renewed calls for the council to take immediate steps to ensure homes are secured and the public prepared for whatever the coming winter brings.

Higgins urges Government to support flood prevention plan

Co Galway will not have to endure the flooding it suffered last winter if the recommendations for flood prevention in a new report are followed, funded, and implemented.

€56m drainage scheme designed to cope with flood levels

A €56 million project to overhaul Athlone’s drainage system, to commence early next year, has been designed to cope with the November 2009 flooding levels, and will greatly reduce the frequency of flooding and of storm overflow into the river.

Gormley guidelines will not stop flood plain development, warns Higgins

New planning guidelines from the Environment Minister John Gormley will not prevent councillors from zoning flood plains for development, Labour TD Michael D Higgins has warned.

Kilkenny flood expert wins major award

Red Arrow Fire and Flood Restoration Ltd, who have their head office in Kilkenny, have won the Best Newcomer Award at the prestigious British Damage Management Association Awards.

What to do before, during, and after flooding

While much of east Galway is suffering from the effects of last week’s flooding, the danger is by no means over yet as the heavy rains are set to continue and there are concerns over high tides and rising river levels.

O’Flaherty calls for maps to show floodplains

Councillors must know exactly where the floodplains in Galway city and its surrounding areas are so that homes being built are not at risk from future floods.

Sinn Féin sets out actions needed as Government ‘frozen by big freeze’

Sinn Féin county councillor Gerry Murray has deemed the Government response to the big freeze as ‘farcical’. Cllr Murray set out a number of steps that still need to be taken to address the hardship caused by the freezing weather.

Job creation potential from rainwater harvesting cannot be ignored — Cannon

Investment in rainwater harvesting systems could help prevent future water shortages and create jobs, according to Senator Ciaran Cannon.


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