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Fuel-saving tips that can really make a difference

Saving money will most definitely be on the agenda for many this year, but a lot of owners neglect the expenses that derive from their vehicles.

Simple but effective tips for learner drivers

If you are thinking of learning to drive for the first time this year, it can be an exciting yet daunting experience.

Tips for home renovations

If you are planning to renovate your home, follow these tips from Ann Leydon of Upstairs Downstairs, courtesy of St Anthony's & Claddagh Credit Union.

Top tips for laying out your Christmas table from Neptune

image preview

Perhaps even more important than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, a wonderfully laid-out dining table is what really sets the festive scene in any home.

Tips to make your business stand out this Christmas season from Zeal

Do you have a fantastic product, or a wonderful service? Maybe you offer something that is very specialised, or maybe you do something really popular for a better price than anyone else.

Sleep tips for shift workers

Aim to have at least four hours sleep at the same time every night/morning (eg, 3am to 7am). This seems to help keep your sleep clock regular.


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