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Give yourself a margin of safety

Eoin Everard

Deepen your Yoga Practice - become a Yoga Teacher

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Many people go to their first yoga classes expecting to do a bit of stretching and some relaxation. However, something more often happens, as they discover that the feeling they get in their body and the calmness of their mind was something they were looking for but did not realize it until they experienced it. Very soon after they catch the yoga bug.

The CNM course is a very worthwhile experience

I found my CNM studies comprehensive, enjoyable, and affirming, and loved my three years of training in naturopathic nutrition. CNM is a combination of hopeful endeavour and academic excellence which makes it a very worthwhile experience.

Exploring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness have several benefits for children and young people’s physical and mental health.

Galway’s Yo!Fit on a par with international fitness trends

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Combining strength work, cardio fitness training, stretching, and mindfulness, all-in-one fitness and wellbeing class Yo!Fit has already brought the latest New York fitness concepts to Galway.

Yoga classes in Mayo for Nepal one year on

Yoga centres and teachers across Ireland will be donating the proceeds of their classes to ActionAid’s ongoing work in Nepal this June. Two yoga studios in Mayo will be taking part: Bonco Wellness will be running a yoga class on Saturday, June 18 from 10am to 11.30am.  Yoga teacher Aideen Ryan will also be running a class during the month of June, with the location and date yet to be confirmed.  For more information visit 

Yo!Fit – an inspirational partnership

Combining strength work, cardio fitness training, stretching, and mindfulness, new all-in-one exercise concept Yo!Fit is both unique and inspirational.

Yo!Fit – leading personal trainer and yoga teacher join forces to create exciting new exercise concept

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Two of Galway’s most experienced health and fitness professionals have teamed up to create an exercise class combining the best of fitness training and yoga. Personal trainer Sarah Thornton and yoga teacher Laragh Cunningham are behind Yo!Fit, a custom-designed programme they guarantee will switch on both body and soul.


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