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Your Career, Your Choices

Q: I am preparing for an upcoming job interview. I won’t tell you a word of a lie, this job means a great deal to me. It would put me two steps further up the ladder than I could feasibly have expected at this stage in my career. I have a strong chance because I have specialist experience. But I find myself being dragged into oceans of research about the company. Is there a danger of over researching them? (DC, email.)

Thinking through your upcoming interview

Building on last week’s column on typical interview queries, here is another set of scenarios I regularly encounter when working with my clients, writes Deirdre May, Career Coach, Slí Nua Careers.

Close run thing can lead to a better future

Q: I did not get the job, unfortunately. I was very disappointed. I really give it a great shot over the three interviews, one of which included a presentation about what I would do in the role, but they told me I was pipped at the post by a very strong – but marginally better – candidate. Should I write to them saying I would like to work for them in the future? (ER, email).

Have I even a remote chance of working from home long-term?

Q: I’m hearing a lot about remote work this weather. The idea of working from home really suits me but I can’t get my head around the fact that companies might actually offer this on an ongoing basis. Are we not all going to be shunted back into offices again once the vaccine programme has been rolled out? (AC, email).

Your Career, Your Choices

Q: I have over 20 years’ experience in an office administration and management role, but no formal qualifications. An opportunity to move to another company has come up to carry out a similar role, but I am afraid I will get overlooked. Does my broad range of work experience matter more than a degree? (AN, email)

Eight tips to make the Zoom interview work

Q: I’ve a big interview coming up. I’m in at 12.15pm – when I say ‘in’, I mean by Zoom. I haven’t done an online interview before – any tips? It all seems so un-natural. (DD, email).

Your Career, Your Choices

Q: I am an undergraduate looking for a job. I need to write a CV now. However, I intend to return to post-graduate studies next year. Is it possible to write one CV now that will suit both scenarios? (AC, email).

The right to disconnect

Q: The government recently launched a national remote work strategy, Making Remote Work. One of the things that stood out for me was the ‘right to disconnect’. I believe most of us are struggling to do that. Some employers are not helping by demanding and expecting us to be ‘on’ all the time. This mentality, government plan or not, is going to take some time to change. How can we start moving in the right direction, and be efficient while doing our job (BC, email).

How to survive as the remote work coordinator

Q My company has moved to a permanent remote model for most employees. Some are happy, others not so much. I have been appointed remote work coordinator. This is a new role, and nobody really knows what is supposed to look like. I have to support the employees but where do I start? (BC, email).

Rethinking new year’s resolutions

Q: It was a very different – and difficult – year, 2020. I would like to be positive now and make 2021 count with proper resolutions in my life and career. Any advice you can offer? (BC, email).


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