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Excitement, intrigue, great camera work, a magic pill that will awaken your mind’s full potential, and a leading man who is just gorgeous, what more can one ask for, however given this tease of action and suspense early on I couldn’t help but feel a little let down by the lack lustre ending.

Cinema Review Death At A Funeral

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Death at a Funeral is just one of those films that was lumbered with a not-so-great trailer but actually turned out to be a comedy not to be missed. It’s a funeral where just about everything goes wrong from demanding elderly relatives, to the hilarious antics of a drugged cousin’s boyfriend, and a mysterious dwarf with a secret.

Cinema Review - Last Chance Harvey

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Meet Harvey Shine, a middle-aged man who has somehow ended up with a thankless dead-end job and estranged from his family. Then there’s Kate Walker, who feels well on her way to becoming the spinster with 10 cats and an over-needy paranoid mother to bug her 24/7. They meet, eventually learn to tolerate each other, and much much more.


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