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No Way Out for ThereisBear!

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“HELL IS other people”. It is one of the most famous quotes by French existentialist philosopher, playwright, and novelist Jean-Paul Sartre and it comes from his play Huis Clos.

Body in canal identified

The man whose body was taken from the Royal Canal this week has been named locally as Delshad Mohammadi (31), a waiter in the popular Pasta Bella restaurant on Austin Friar Street.

‘ Killimor - that dear old spot’

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They are going, going, going from the valleys and the hills,

Time for tea at The Ardilaun

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It is no secret that the Irish love their tea. The Irish drink more of this hot beverage per capita than any other country. The presence of tea making facilities is considered essential in any hotel or bed and breakfast room and is offered at breakfast, 'elevenses', lunch, dinner, and any time in between. Lately we have even begun to embrace that very English tradition of afternoon tea. Legend has it that the ritual of afternoon tea owes its origins to Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford. As a young women in the early 1800s at this time, it was common to eat only two main meals a day, with breakfast scheduled in the morning and dinner taken late in the evening. When kerosene lamps were introduced in wealthier homes, eating a late dinner became increasingly fashionable, widening the long wait between meals.

Get your questions ready for Zachary Quinto

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GALWAY ‘TREKKIES’ will be looking forward to the Galway Film Fleadh when Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto takes to the Town Hall Theatre stage.

Delicious dining at the Bridge Mills Restaurant

Located in one of Galway's old and beautifully renovated buildings, the Bridge Mills Restaurant is on the banks of the Corrib just across O’Brien’s Bridge. After a 15 year absence it is back in the hands of previous owners Frank and Ellen Heneghan, also of Heneghan Florist, for almost a year now.

Eastern Tandoori, Spanish Parade

Many people think that all Indian food is spicy/hot and full of calories. This can of course be true, but many dishes do not have any chillies whatsoever and those that do can be ordered without them. So never be afraid to try Indian food just because you do not like fiery tastes, talk to the waiter and you will be surprised by the choice available. In fact the dishes I will be mentioning later are all extra mild. With regards to the calories it is true that some dishes are well endowed but there many, such as tandoori dishes, that are cooked without any oil being added. Again talk to the waiter if you are watching the calories and ask for recommendations. If you are a vegetarian you will be well catered for. In fact in India it is more normal to eat vegetable based dishes and I think the menus that you see here in Ireland and the UK were designed to keep us meat eaters happy.

On the Menu …

Half-hidden off the slopes that run up High Street towards Bastion Street on Athlone’s left bank at Abbey Lane, Kin Khao is one of Westmeath’s, if not Ireland’s, most striking restaurants. From the outside the eatery is predominantly bright yellow with red window and door trimming and signage to match with a high black porch over the entrance. It’s a vision that’s as much a phantasm of colour as it is a curiosity waiting to be explored.

Your Career, Your Choices

How far back do I go in my CV...and should that CV be colourful and creative?

Will President Higgins speak for the people or the establishment?

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Tomorrow will see former Galway Mayor and Galway West TD Michael D Higgins become the ninth president of Ireland. It will be a proud day for everyone from the city and county he has called home for the last 50 years.


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