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Defend against wrinkles and UV damage

Introducing the latest new member of the Clinique family; new Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle and UV Damage Repair is a de-ageing serum that will help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as visibly correct UV damage.

Natural, authentic products from L’Occitane at McGorisks

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Natural active ingredients with proven traceability have always been the cornerstone of L’Occitane’s philosophy.

Conquer the elements with ZO1

ZO1 is based on a form of zinc oxide which is invisible when rubbed into the skin, providing a high level of protection against UVA and UVB rays. Try out these gems from ZO1 for your next getaway:

Back to school nutrition with Evergreen

Keeping your children well when they go back to school is not always easy. Regardless of their age, they are going back into packed classrooms full of germs, and our changing Irish climate means immunity is often compromised. For parents, that means niggly colds, sore throats, tummy bugs, ear infections, and lots of other fun stuff!

Get luminous skin with Vichy

Developed using Vichy Laboratoires’ skincare expertise, Lumineuse Sheer Radiance Tinted Moisturisers are a range of four tinted moisturisers tailored to suit individual skin types in a dry skin or normal/combination formula. Lumineuse Sheer Radiance Tinted Moisturiser not only offers a long-lasting, flawless make-up effect, but also clarity and radiance to the complexion. The unique Lumineuse formula incorporates vitamin A to stimulate cellular renewal and fruit acids for an exfoliating action.

Firm up your skin

Is your skin looking the worse for wear as winter begins to bite? If so, the new Frankincense Vitamin A/C/E Revitalising Body Cream from REN (€45) may change all that.

A natural approach to chronic fatigue

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Imagine waking up each day feeling extremely fatigued. Not the kind of tiredness that goes away after you rest but an exhaustion which takes over your life and limits your ability to do even the most ordinary activities.

Going green for Paddy’s Day

Popeye showed us just how powerful spinach really was and our mammies have been telling us for years to ‘eat our greens’. But why is this so – are green veggies all they’re cracked up to be?

Keeping baby’s skin soft and protected

A mother’s work is never done. One of the many tasks is to ensure that your baby’s delicate soft skin is protected and to help to accomplish this The Body Shop® has recently launched its new Buriti Baby range.

Fresh foods for the summer

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These days, the idea of eating foods ‘in season’ has nearly lost its meaning. Worldwide distribution has now made a variety of foods available all year round. However, buying seasonally harvested and locally grown produce from farmers’ markets and local grocers not only helps sustain regional agriculture, but also assures you’re getting the highest quality in freshness and taste.


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