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Books - personal landmarks on life’s landscape

“MY OWN books I packed up in cases and sat on them, or dined on them. Books in a colony play a different part in your existence from what they do in Europe; there is a whole part in your existence where they alone take charge of; and on this account, according to their quality, you feel more grateful, or more indignant with them, than you will ever do in civilised countries.”

Rail Theatre Company presents compelling family drama at Mullingar Arts Centre

The setting for this 1984 play is Independence, Iowa; lifelong home of Evelyn Briggs. Her oldest daughter, Kess, is a university professor in Minneapolis, but she has come home at the request of her sister, Jo, who is concerned for their mother's mental health. The youngest daughter, Sherry - rebellious and amoral - wants only to finish high school so she can leave home for good.

Family feuds, papal toilets, and high wire daring

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SOUTH AMERICAN, French, Italian, and German films dominate the Galway Film Society’s autumn/winter season, with 11 films to be screened in the Town Hall Theatre from September 28 to December 7.


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