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Kick the habit and reap the benefits

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The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous - from reducing the risk of heart attack, to an increase in energy levels. Lent is well underway, and with many people trying to quit smoking during this period, the Laya Healthcare health and wellness team have some helpful advice to ensure success.

EU/US trade agreement could lead to privatisation of Irish water supply

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Fears that Irish Water and the water supply network could eventually be privatised are increasing in the wake of major international trade agreements the EU is conducting with the USA and Canada.

Bee Green offers unique non-toxic drycleaning service

Bee Green in Belmullet, Castlebar, Westport and Briarhill, Galway offers a unique drycleaning service. Having your garments cared for by Bee Green ensures that no toxic chemicals are used in cleaning therefore it is better for your health and the environment we all share.

No toxic chemicals used in Bee Green cleaners

Bee Green started a laundry business in 1999 in Westport and became agent for a dry cleaning company to offer an extra service to its customers. It added to its business with shops in Castlebar, Belmullet, and Galway.

Seven ways to boost your immune system

Our immune system is our body’s defence mechanism. When our health is threatened it works at full power to fight off any invaders, such as bacteria or viruses.

Naughten presses Taoiseach on need for action on head shops

Local TD Denis Naughten has again questioned the Taoiseach on the Government’s inaction in addressing the serious safety concerns surrounding the operation of head shops.

Head shop law welcome but why wait? - Naughten

Local TD Denis Naughten has welcomed the Government’s announcement that it is to ban many of the toxic chemicals currently on sale in head shops, but has questioned why the ban will only come into force in June.

Give up smoking

It is not too late to give up smoking for Lent and with you can create your own quit plan and start saving for that special treat.

Naughten presses Taoiseach on head shop legislation

Local TD Denis Naughten has once again raised the lack of action taken by the Government to ban the sale of dangerous chemicals in head shops.


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