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Bipolar Empire play The Stables this weekend

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While at the Oxegen music festival in 2007, friends Shane, Joe, and Callum decided they wanted to be on stage, not in front of it, and thus Bipolar Empire was born! They approached Mark Maguire, a talented guitarist, songwriter, and longtime friend - and Bipolar Empire became a quartet.

This is no minor matter

I got a call last Thursday from a friend wondering if I could meet him for lunch. Upon arrival at the chosen venue I could see said friend was extremely agitated and frustrated and it became apparent he needed a sounding board to launch a tirade regarding a minor match fixture. Friend happens to be the manager of the minor team in question that had made it through to the county league semi final. It transpired that his annoyance and frustration concerned a break down in communication regarding the fixture. He had received an email the previous night (Wednesday) saying that the fixture was scheduled for the following Friday evening (48 hours notice). He told me that he had been informed on the Monday night that the game would definitely not be played during that week and the best information he got suggested that it would be a couple of weeks before it would take place. Consequently the club did not fulfil the fixture and the match was awarded to the opposition on a walk over. The county final at this particular grade is fixed for this weekend. Some of you may be aware that the Oxegen concert also takes place this weekend when thousands of youngsters of this particular age group travel to the music festival.


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