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The view from the distillery, c1885

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Towards the end of last year, we featured a series of articles on the building that is now occupied by the students’ bar in NUIG. The building started as a jute bag factory, then was converted to a bonded warehouse for Persse’s Distillery, later became the National Shell factory during World War I, was occupied by the 17th Lancers and the 6th Dragoon Guards, before being converted into the ammunitions factory known as IMI.

Lower Dominick Street about one hundred and fifty years ago

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According to Hely Dutton, Dominick Street was built in the early part of the 19th century. It was outside the old city walls and was an indicator of how Galway was beginning to expand at the time. This photograph, which was taken c1965, is probably the earliest existing image of the street.

New Tesco Swinford store to open next week

The opening of the new Tesco store in Swinford will create approximately 90 new jobs in the town. The store will open on Monday November 15.

Church bell rings again in Callan Parish church

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For some years now the people of Callan and visitors to the area will have seen the façade of the parish church covered in scaffolding. The good news is that most of the scaffolding will soon be disappearing and people will once again be able to view the newly refurbished lower section of the church façade.


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