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Rule change needed to facilitate boy’s detention in the State


South American escapees get nine months in Athlone

Judge unimpressed with criminal damage

Judge Seamus Hughes was so unimpressed with the criminal damage caused by a Mullingar man that he imposed a two month prison sentence.

Serial offender against women gets seven months

A man who battered and bit his girlfriend’s face after their child’s first Communion because she refused to go home with him that night, before then assaulting two female gardaí, was jailed for a total of seven months this week (February 6).

“Bottom scum” dealer gets a year in prison

Another Athlone heroin dealer who refused to give any details of those higher than him in the drugs chain, was called “bottom scum” by a judge before he was taken away to start a 12-month jail sentence this week (November 21).

Jail postponed for ex-footballer who went off the rails - court hears

A former Meath county footballer charged with 26 offences in Moate, Kinnegad, Kells, and Ballyjamesduff was remanded on continuing bail until December 14 in the District Court this week (October 26) for a probation report after he was warned he could face up to two years in jail.

Points for pints — they can’t take away our right to drive drunk

Thank God the Government has taken away the fear of the ban of the drink driving. Imagine what the country would be like if Paddy wasn’t allowed to drive home with a few pints on him, run the gauntlet of the local garda in the Fiesta squad car, making it in the door of his isolated cottage just in time for Oireachtas Report, his nightly joust with the law successful again. So he will be thrilled with the new “Just Above” category of drink drivers who have learned this week that they will not face a ban but some penalty points instead, and sure with insurance costs going through the roof anyway, what harm are the penalty points, but a badge of honour to show the lads down the pub. Remember, it is but a short year ago that this country was driven while drunk by our former leader.

College Week war zone at Dun na Coiribe

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The future of the re-branded College Week is in the balance as a number of arrests were made this week with residents and emergency services under attack by projectile bottles and students exhibiting some shocking anti-social behaviour.

Saved by the Leaving Cert

A man with 63 previous convictions who fought with a garda after being apprehended for joyriding around the Marist College in July, avoided any addition to his present sentence after the court heard how he had just started the Leaving Cert in prison.

Ten year driving ban overturned

A man jailed in December for six months and disqualified from driving for 10 years for supposedly driving at a squad car, had his ban lifted and his sentence postponed until July, after an appeal judge accepted this week (May 18) he “didn’t drive at the officers”.


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