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Galway student on skateboarding mission for MS

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A medical student from Galway is undertaking an epic skateboarding journey in Europe to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis Ireland.

Domaine Félines Jourdan Côteaux de Bessilles Les Fruites 2012 (Wines Direct, €10.75)

This is a combination of Chardonnay and Roussanne grapes grown in Côteaux de Bessilles, a Vin de Pays region of Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France.

Margaret Clayton exhibition

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FROM THE vivid colours of Provence in southern France to the west of Ireland coast, Margaret Clayton’s new exhibition features an array of landscapes.

Is Ms Jennifer Sleeman a bit of a crackpot?

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I have always thought it strange why so many women feel isolated from the Catholic Church, when it has at its centre a woman, Mary - the Mother of God. It is not right that many women feel they are ‘second class citizens’ within a church that attempts to reach out to all. Surely without Mary, the New Testament would be worthless. Surely after the Nazarene Himself, the Mother of Jesus, who is venerated by the Catholic and Orthodox churches, is the first and greatest saint in heaven. Mary is revered by all Christian churches, and honoured by Islam. At the very first council of the Church, at Ephesus four hundred years after Christ, she was declared to be the Theotokos, Mother of God (the actual God bearer). But even before that her image, holding the Child, was etched into tombs in the Roman catacombs. Being the Theotokos, Mary could have become remote, unreal from the human experience. After all we are told that she was born free from Original Sin, which as a total ‘theological illiterate’ I don’t fully understand; but I accept the logic that if Mary was not the mother of God, then Jesus was not God. I believe that He was. Yet despite the supreme position of Mary many women feel isolated, uninvolved, as if they have no contribution to make.

Natural, authentic products from L’Occitane at McGorisks

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Natural active ingredients with proven traceability have always been the cornerstone of L’Occitane’s philosophy.


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