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What’s the buzz with bees?

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The bee is among some of the hardest working creatures on Earth. The pollination service bees provide is vital for food production and biodiversity. In fact, if we no longer had bees, aside from the huge upset to our ecosystem, we would quickly lose apples, tomatoes, coffee, and cocoa. Our crop production would be forced to switch to staple crops, rather than the more nutritious options. Currently almost two-thirds of the crops that feed the world rely on pollination by insects or other animals, and the bee provides us with an abundance of fruits, nuts, and seeds of variety and quality.

Get ready for cold and flu season with Evergreen

The days are slowly getting shorter and we will soon find ourselves in the midst of winter, making it harder to escape the colds and flu going around. Here are a few of Evergreen’s top tips to support your immune health, and to help to keep colds and flu at bay.

[Closed]Win a hamper of new and second-hand books from Kennys Bookshop

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Kennys Bookshop are delighted to give away this hamper of Summer Reads to one lucky winner! The hamper includes a mixture of new and second-hand books that are perfect for reading this Summer – whether on the beach, while travelling or simply for a nice read over the holiday season!


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