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GMIT’s energy lab goes on line with new Android app

GMIT has launched a new Android app which provides information on its state-of-the-art Online Energy Laboratory at the Dublin Road campus, Galway.

GMIT to provide online lab training in renewable energy technologies

GMIT has won substantial funding to develop innovative online training in renewable energy systems, using a state-of-the art online energy laboratory developed in the institute over the past five years.

Open day for green energy courses in Kilkenny

Glas Learning, a Kilkenny based green energy training provider, will hold an open day tomorrow (Saturday) for funded courses for those seeking roles in the ‘green economy’.

PJ Kelly’s — for all your solar needs

Sustainable energy refers to a way we can use and generate energy that is more efficient and less harmful to the environment. We need to think, act and start changing our ways regarding energy consumption. We can do this by being more efficient in how we use energy and by implementing renewable energy systems.

Generate your own electricity on your farm

The west of Ireland has the best wind resources in Europe. You can now sell any electricity you generate on your farm with back to the ESB. The introduction of a ‘feed-in’ tariff for every kilowatt hour of electricity that you generate you can now export this to the grid. ESB will pay 19c for the first 3000 kWh’s exported to the grid and 9c for every kilowatt hour over the 3000. This, together with savings you make by using your own electricity too, means there has never been a better time to start generating your own electricity on your farm; or indeed in your individual homes, small businesses, and communities. 


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