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The First Holy Communion dress did not fit everyone

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If there isn’t some dramatic change, and matters as they stand are allowed to drift, it is easy to see that the impact of the child abuse scandals within the Catholic church have had a very negative impact on the present and future generations in Ireland. Despite being one of the most generous generations ever when it comes to helping others, young people today are quite indifferent to the church. In fact many are openly hostile.

Remembering Myles Joyce

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In April 1980, I interviewed Mrs Sarah Lynskey from Bridge Street, on her 100th birthday, for this column. In the course of our conversation, she told me her earliest memory was of “kneeling on the Salmon Weir Bridge with my mother and a lot of Claddagh women praying. I know they were Claddagh women because I can still see the triangles of shawl as they knelt on the bridge. We were praying for a fellow, they were going to hang him the next day. Joyce was his name”. She was talking about Myles Joyce, an innocent man who was to be hanged along with two others for the Maamtrasna murders.

Prison governor ordered to explain repeat offender’s release

A judge has ordered a prison governor appear before him to explain how a man jailed for eight weeks in Mullingar last Thursday (June 14) was allowed out to re-offend in Athlone just five days later.

A bizarre meeting on the Galway train

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Week III

The prisoner in the long, warm, overcoat

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Week II

Inside the Maze

WITH A fresh inquiry under way into the murder of loyalist paramilitary leader Billy Wright in the Maze prison in 1997, a book by William McKee sheds some light on the murder from the inside of the prison, as well as life in the infamous Maze throughout the Troubles.


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