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A fitter, healthier you at Sásta Athlone

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Tired of going to the gym and getting nowhere fast? Then make a visit to Sásta Athlone, the state-of-the-art health, fitness, and weight loss studio. Sásta is a new and exciting way to achieve a lighter, fitter, and healthier you - for keeps!

A fitter, healthier you at Sásta Athlone

Sásta Athlone is a state-of-the-art health, fitness, and weight loss studio. Sásta is unique in that you get everything you need in one place - fat burning, toning, meal plan, and a personal trainer. Sásta will help you achieve your goals, whether you want to get fit, lose weight, improve your sports performance, or give your lifestyle a complete overhaul - all in a friendly, positive, non-intimidating environment.

Putting things off until tomorrow is not the answer

If we’re looking to put doing something off into some non-existent future then there’s no more comforting word - a solution for all of life’s ills - than tomorrow.

Workplace health highlighted for new national day of awareness

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Just one in three Irish workers are taking the recommended level of exercise for a healthy lifestyle each week.

It’s all about habits

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When it comes to exercise, regular movement and eating well, I’d like you to learn to be excellent at these things and for you to become excellent by making them habits; making them so automatic that eventually you don’t even need to think about doing them. Eventually, it’s sort of like cruising on autopilot, where you don’t have to rely on motivation so much, but instead, you just do your thing.

A jump start to changing your lifestyle

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THIRTY YEARS ago, only Hollywood actors, top athletes, rock stars and crime bosses had personal trainers and these not always necessarily for the improvement of their mental or physical quality of life.

TV fitness coach warns against giving up ‘everything’ in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle

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A Galway fitness coach who aims to help people achieve success in the popular RTE health and fitness programme Operation Transformation is warning people against giving up too many things as part of their New Year healthy living plan.

Get in shape for good with Unigym

There is no substitute for hard work to get a business up and running, and who better than a personal trainer to be bursting with the motivation to do it.

Galway Chest Clinic to launch its third Breathe Freely course

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Sásta are doing it the right ‘weigh’

Sásta, a popular and rapidly growing Irish health, fitness, and weight-loss franchise are located in Athlone opposite Golden Island shopping centre.


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