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'Alice In Wonderland was my introduction to surrealism'

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Cartoonist, painter, poet, novelist, critic, rock musician, punster, polymath, raconteur and wit; Tom Mathews has so many strings to his bow he could open his own archery club.

Drums, clowns, refugees …and sacrilegious lesbians

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Among the highlights of the Galway Theatre Festival is the trilogy of acclaimed one-man shows from percussionist and performer Brian Fleming; Gis a Shot of Your Bongos Mister, Have Yis No Homes to Go To, and A Sacrilegious Lesbian and Homosexual Parade.

Literary talks, workshops, and exhibitions for Achill’s Böll celebrations

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Achill is preparing to once again celebrate its links with the Nobel Prize winning German writer Heinrich Böll during the first weekend in May.

Who’s that girl?

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IT IS one of the most famous works in Western art and the most widely known work of 17th century Dutch painter Jan Vermeer. It is Girl With A Pearl Earring.

I just want something to pay the bills - where do I start to look?

Q: I run a small shop but, alas, it’s fading. I will have to close it very soon before it eats into my savings. I’m at a stage in my life - both age-wise and in terms of personal priorities - where I am not pushed about finding ‘my dream career’. Really, I just want a job to pay the bills so I can indulge my hobbies. I am prepare to do some training, but would need to know the prospects. How do I find out which sectors might prove worthwhile?

‘Being an outsider gives me a different view on things other people might take for granted’

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There is a horse farm about a mile and a half outside Motala, a small town located between Stockholm and Gothenburg in southern Sweden. There it is surrounded by vast woodlands, a huge lake, hunters cabins, and amid the rural isolation, an old mental asylum.

NUI Galway honours leading lights in the arts

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Three leading figures in literature, music, education, and the arts have received honorary degrees from NUI Galway this week in recognition of their contribution to the arts in Galway.

Attractive, Bold and Beautiful

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ATTRACTIVE, BOLD, and Beautiful, the third annual Galway Bay Galleries Fringe Festival exhibition, opens this weekend and features work by three female artists.

Galway International Arts Festival 2014 - what's on, who's coming

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It is no longer the Galway Arts Festival, it is the Galway International Arts Festival, a recognition of how the July event has grown to become one of the premiere arts events in Ireland and Europe.

Custom House Studios exhibition inspired by fishing, family, and the mayfly

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Two exhibitions of art are continuing at the Custom House Studios in Westport.


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