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How to maintain muscle mass when injured

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This week’s article was inspired by my plight this week. The prospect of a lengthy layoff when injured can put the fear of God into those worried about “losing gains”. So if you’re forced to rest up, let's take a look at ways to help maintain muscle mass while injured.

The green and red flag should finally be flying from the highest tower of all

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At the end of the Mayo-Dublin All-Ireland semi-final five weeks ago, as the ‘Green and Red of Mayo’ boomed out over the loudspeakers, the chorus reverberated around the ground like a war-cry signalling the end of the most hurtful oppression imaginable at the hands of Dublin for over a decade.

SALT - an experience for the mind and body

Are you looking for therapies to help you maintain a healthy body and mind this autumn? Visit the experts in holistic wellness at SALT Float and Recovery Suites, located two minutes off the M6 in Briarhill Business Park and open seven days.

Call She Kneads for pain relief

Have these last few lockdowns left you with stress, aches, and pains? Let Giada Labrecque sort you out with her holistic approach to physical therapy.

Coeliac Society calls for increased testing of returning schoolchildren

The Coeliac Society of Ireland has said there needs to be increased testing of children for coeliac disease amid concerns that as many as 12,500 children in Ireland have the condition, but most are undiagnosed.

Living well with cardiovascular disease - emotional recovery

Have you, or a loved one, recently been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease or are recovering from a cardiac event?

Notable beneficial properties of regular hemp plant use

Hemp plants are extremely effective at cleansing soil and absorbing impurities.

NUI Galway seeking participants for new psychology study

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NUI Galway’s School of Psychology is seeking participants for a new study to investigate psychological factors that could contribute to medically unexplained physical symptoms and a sense of being disconnected from the environment.

Low Back Pain v A Low Back Problem? Is There A Difference?

Your “back pain” might be a misnomer. We often confuse pain for a problem.

Low back pain vs a low back problem — is there a difference?

Your "back pain" might be a misnomer. We often confuse pain for a problem. Doctors often do not help matters by not doing thorough examinations, and just offering a prescription of pain pills or anti-inflammatory drugs when the patient comes in with a complaint of pain.


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