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Irish TV aims to create 150 new jobs following investment

Mayo company IrishTV will create 150 full-time jobs when the new Westport-based TV station is launched by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny on May 1.

Technical queries put me down

Q: I went to an interview recently and going grand with all the general questions – my attitude, my ambitions, and all of that stuff. But then one of the panel, who had been silent until then, swung into action. He fired five technical questions at me. All five landed like crunching blows to the solar plexus. I wasn’t prepared for that. My question is not really a question, but a word of advice – know the stuff you’re meant to know about your job, they may just put you on the spot. I didn’t get the job. But I’ve dusted myself down and I’m ready to go back into the ring again. (KP, email)

Media skills can transfer to other roles

Q: All of my working life, I have been employed in ‘the media game’ – print journalism, broadcasting and online writing. For the past seven years, I have been in a staff job, but it’s clear the business isn’t going well. Everyone else is talking about moving onto another job within the industry, but I feel that wouldn’t be a good move for me. I’d like to try something else. But what? Ultimately, media is all I know. Any suggestions? (TN, email).

Promotion rebuff has got me thinking

Q: I’ve been working as a field salesperson in the same company for the last 15 years. I have performed very well during that time, consistently exceeding sales targets, and also winning a number of sales awards. Recently a job came up as sales manager. I went for it, and was immediately installed as the unbackable favourite. “Yours to lose,” was the consensus. Alas, here’s one favourite who wasn’t first across the line. I got down to the final three but an external candidate was chosen. The MD gave me the usual spiel – ‘better candidate’ (not true), ‘certain skills you didn’t have’ (debatable), and so on. Now I’m questioning my future in the company, and even thinking about changing into something different entirely. I’m a very unhappy woman right now, I can tell you! Any thoughts? (FF, email).

Taking time to choose the right career

Q: My son is in Transition Year, but he hasn’t a clue what he wants to do after school. He’s mad into sports – plays a lot of rugby – and I also notice he has an interest in property: he’s forever checking out prices of properties, and he watches all of those home makeover and ‘a place in the sun’ type TV programmes. But property is a tough game now so I’m reluctant to suggest estate management to him as a career. What should I do to help him make an informed decision? (Mary, email)

Your Career, Your Choices

Q: I’m going for an interview next week with a man who can only be described as self-made, metaphorically speaking. He started out with nothing, built his business up from a humble start, minded it carefully, and it’s still doing very well despite the economic conditions. He’s a notoriously difficult man to impress: but over the years he has brought some trusted lieutenants on board. All of them swear by him. He looks after them very well. I want to become one. Any advice? (Luke, email)

Small businesses overpaying VAT by up to €14,000

Irish businesses are overpaying thousands of euro in VAT due to a lack of familiarity with the complexities of Ireland’s VAT regime, according to research conducted by business software and services provider Sage.

P35 deadline time creeping up

The P35 deadline is creeping up on us fast, the date for returning your annual P35 return on time for the year ended December 31 2011 is February 15 2012.

Relevant contract tax – are you aware of the changes?

Relevant contract tax is a withholding tax which applies to all those involved in construction, forestry, and meat processing operations. The legislation obliges the principal contractor to deduct 35 per cent tax from the amount payable to contractors/subcontractors engaged to carry out activities for which he/she does not hold a relevant payment card. In general, a principal contractor may include property developers, building companies, construction trades. Local authorities and public utilities companies established under statute are also deemed to be principal contractors. The principal contractor is also obliged to maintain records of all payments regardless of whether they have a relevant payment card on file for them.

Your Career, Your Choices

How far back do I go in my CV...and should that CV be colourful and creative?


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