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Savour a wholesome and nutritious brunch treat this weekend

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Embrace this weekend with a delicious baked egg shakshuka for brunch.

Notable health benefits of Olive Leaf from Au Naturel

The olive is a small Mediterranean evergreen tree, its characteristic green to blue-black fruit producing olive oil. The olive tree has been held in high esteem throughout history.

The power of coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) also known as Ubiquinone, is a naturally occurring substance and an essential component of the mitochondria; which is the energy producing unit within all our cells. It is found in every cell, tissue, and organ in the body, being more concentrated in organs that require the most energy like the heart, liver, muscles and kidneys. It is a fat soluble nutrient produced naturally in our bodies.

Savour a delicious fillet of organic beef with potato cake

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Treat yourself to this delicious fillet of organic beef with organic potato cake and herby butter this weekend.

Savoury croque monsieur with carrot and beetroot salad

Take the basic croque monsieur to a new level by teaming with a crunchy carrot and beetroot salad for a perfect midweek lunch.

St Patrick's Day recipe: Wild Garlic Focaccia

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Focaccia is a traditional Italian bread, that is essentially a dough that has been banged down into a slab with the use of one’s fingers! It is a very enjoyable bread to make with the kids. If you do not have access to wild garlic, you can use fresh basil instead.

High steaks

Treat yourself to this delicious fillet of organic beef with organic potato cake and herby butter this weekend. The dish takes a little preparation but is well worth the effort. Enjoy as a special lunch, or serve with a side of vegetables of your choice for a hearty dinner.

Savoury croque monsieur with carrot and beetroot salad

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This is a sophisticated toasted ham sandwich, laden with flavour, the cheesy topping making this sandwich extra tasty.

Mediterranean eggs on toast laden with flavour and colour

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These Mediterranean eggs on toast are packed full of flavour and the peppers add plenty of colour making it the perfect dish for impressing guests!

A view from the rear of the Spanish Arch

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The Spanish Arch was not part of the original city walls but was built in 1584 as a measure to protect the city’s quays. It was originally known as Ceann an Bhalla or The Head of the Wall, a fortification that extended from Martin’s Tower to the river. Then in the 18th century, the Eyre family built Long Walk as an extension of the quays and a breakwater to construct a mud berth. A number of arches were constructed to allow access from the town to the new quay but unfortunately, an earthquake that occurred in Lisbon in 1755 resulted in a tsunami that destroyed some of these arches. In olden times, ships would have moored here unloading their cargo of Spanish wines and foodstuffs such as olive oil, spices, tea, coffee, and cocoa. Later, these ships would have been replaced by Aran fishing boats unloading and selling their wares.


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