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Discover "PRIMAL ENERGY OF THE AMAZON RAINFORESTS" – a new series of shampoos and hair masks at Francis' Soap Shop!

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Francis' Soap Shop, located in Unit 11 of Corbett Court Shopping Centre, provides a unique and refreshing brand of natural cosmetics that is steadily gaining popularity in Ireland.

Legendary Aleppo Soap at Francis' Soap Shop

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This is one of the best quality green soaps recommended for all skin types. It is often called perfect soap and its properties remain unrivalled.

Splendid summer lamb sensations

By Mark Gallagher

Celebrate summer strawberry season with nutritious salad dish

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Bord Bia is encouraging consumers to ‘ Celebrate Strawberry Season’ and to enjoy tasty strawberries as a snack or in a delicious summer-fresh dish. Locally grown strawberries are naturally sweet which makes them the ideal healthy alternative snack for all ages!

Notable health benefits of Olive Leaf from Au Naturel

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The olive is a small Mediterranean evergreen tree, its characteristic green to blue-black fruit producing olive oil. The olive tree has been held in high esteem throughout history. Moses reportedly decreed that men who cultivated the leaf be exempt from serving in the army. The ‘Olive branch’ represents peace and prosperity. Historically, medicinal use of olive leaf has been for treatment of fevers (particularly in reducing the symptoms of malaria) and the topical treatment of wounds or infection. Studies show the active ingredient vauqueline to exert fever-lowering effects.

Feel the beneficial power of Coenzyme Q10 at Au Naturel

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) also known as Ubiquinone, is a naturally occurring substance and an essential component of the mitochondria which is the energy producing unit within all our cells.

Beef burgers with spicy red pepper salsa

With evenings continuing to lengthen in brightness, the mercury slowly ascending the temperature guage and the longest day of the year fast approaching, bring that summer feeling back into the kitchen with these nutritious and delicious and easy to make beef burgers.

A flavour laden burger with a savoury difference

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Beef is wonderfully versatile. You can use it in a stir fry, roast it in the oven, complement a curry or simply grill it with fresh tomatoes and the result will always be a dish of wholesome and flavour laden taste.

This Valentine’s, Take your Health to Heart!

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With February being the month of love, now is the perfect time to refocus your attention onto the health of your heart. Coronary heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in Ireland. However, 80% of heart disease is preventable, simply by making a few small changes in diet and lifestyle.

Add some spice to your chicken pasta dish this winter

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This January, Bord Bia is encouraging people to get inventive in the kitchen and try something new with chicken, as it launches its Quality Mark Chicken,’Make It Your Way’ campaign.


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