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Italian post-rock for FEAST metal night

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THEIR MUSIC has the riff fuelled power of metal and their rhythms the nimble dextrousness of post-rock. They are Italian duo Hibagon and they will play FEAST at the Róisín Dubh.

Professor of childhood education visits Grovelands Childcare

A US based professor of childhood education, Dr Timothy Frawley, visited Grovelands Childcare in Athlone this week.

Open letter from Eric Elwood, Head Coach Connacht Rugby

Dear Connacht Supporters,

Expect pounding heaviness from Italy’s The Secret

TRIESTE IN northern Italy in best known to the Irish as the city where James Joyce spent time, writing part of what would become Ulysses.

Irish conference of medievalists to celebrate 25th anniversary

The Irish conference of medievalists celebrates its 25th anniversary with a conference from June 24 to 26 in the Moore Institute at NUI Galway. The conference reflects the current state of research in medieval studies, focusing on the history, archaeology, language, and literature of medieval Ireland and Europe.

The Sumbrellas - a little drop of world trad

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YOU DO not have to be a native of a particular country to enjoy its traditional music. Many who have never set foot in Cuba love the island’s sounds, numerous white indie bands are in thrall to Afro-beat, and Irish trad wins converts wherever it is heard.

Friedrich Engels and his forgotten journey to County Galway

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Friedrich Engels is best known as the author of The Conditions Of The Working Class in England and as the co-author, along with Karl Marx, of The Communist Manifesto, but one of his least well known writings is about Galway, describing the county and its people in the aftermath of The Famine.

Heary and Nolan perform well in world duathlon


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