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Walpurgis Night IV - unleash the metal

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WALPURGIS NIGHT was a May Day’s eve festival when witches met and held revels with their gods to stir up trouble before the spring came. Sounds like a good night to hold a metal gig.

Monroe’s Live to host Galway's Remembrance for Phil Lynott

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TWENTY-NINE YEARS ago this week Ireland lost its most iconic rock musician and still greatest rock star, Phil Lynott. The Dublin singer-songwriter died on January 4 1986, but his extraordinary legacy continues and will be celebrated in Galway this week.

Two heavy metal bands launch EPs in the Cellar tomorrow

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Two metal bands, Nautilus and Weed Priest, will be launching their new releases in the Cellar tomorrow night.

Sound and fury

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SAN FRANCISCO has long been at the forefront of alternative and underground culture in the United States, and for Deafheaven, whose sound encompasses both black metal and post-rock, the city has meant inspiration, frustration, ambition, hindrance, and realisation.

Metal night @ The Cellar

COILGUNS, THE Swiss tech/noise metal trio will headline a night of metal bands at The Cellar Bar on Tuesday October 22 from 8pm.

GAC(h) Duine - music for everyone

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THE YEAR normally does not go by without the Galway Arts Centre hosting a number of music gigs, either in its HQ in Dominick Street or at the Nuns Island Theatre, but a three day music festival, focussing on indie, folk rock, and electronica, is a new departure.

GAC(h) Duine music fest @ Galway Arts Centre

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SOME OF Galway’s best indie-rock and folk/roots bands will perform across three days in the Galway Arts Centre for the venue’s new music festival GAC(h) Duine.

A Vibe For Philo @ Monroe’s Live

SONGWRITER, SINGER, poet, bass player, band leader, Black Irishman, icon - Phil Lynott is all of these things and Galway will pay tribute to the late master this week.

A Vibe for Phil Lynott @ Monroe’s Live

PHIL LYNOTT, singer, songwriter, and leader of Thin Lizzy, is both an Irish and global rock icon, and Galway will celebrate his music at a special concert tomorrow.

Cúltec Hurleys can revolutionise the game

The idea for the Cúltec Hurley came to entrepreneurs, John Grehan and Tom Wright, while playing golf in their local Birr Club.

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