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As someone who works in an office where the need for plug sockets is always in high demand, the likelihood of finding a free one is pretty low, meaning if my phone battery is starting to run low then I could be in trouble. Danish tech manufacturer for personal gadgets, Sandberg, has come up with a 3in1 Wireless Charger which removes the need for a plug socket to charge your phone while also enabling a second person to refuel his/her phone battery as well.

Volkswagen concept sketches of new Caddy van

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Volkswagen has released a preview of its new Caddy van, which will be unveiled next month (February).

Leather furniture a perennial design option in the modern home surrounds

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Always in fashion, leather furniture has been a part homes for thousands of years. Even the Romans used leather sofas for luxurious lounging.

He's metal trashing mad

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THE CLOSE of 2019 marks a major milestone for Flirt FM's heavy metal show Cranium Titanium, which first took to the airwaves of the student/alternative station in October 2009. To mark its first decade, the show's presenter Trevor McCormack talks to the Galway Advertiser about where CT has come from and where it is going.

A Brief History of (sustainable) Fire

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Our newest product, PiniKay eco logs, might just accelerate the transition back to sustainable fuels. The ‘PiniKay’ name is a nod to the machine that compresses waste wood from sawmills into dense log-shaped briquettes that burn long and hot like coal and peat but without the ash. Or the carbon footprint.

Delving into magic with TULCA

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Tomorrow evening, Friday, November 1, sees the launch of the 17th TULCA Festival of Visual Arts at the Festival Gallery in William Street, formerly An Post’s sorting office.

End of summer brings on the autumn blues

Are you feeling a lingering sadness that summer has passed? Five element Chinese medicine divides the seasons into five elements of nature — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Spitting Nails - German punk/metal for Galway

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HAMBURG BAND Spitting Nails play a ferocious mix of metal and punk in the style of Naplam Death, Tragedy, and Extreme Noise Terror, and they are coming to Galway this weekend.

US Ambassador remembers act of kindness in September 1944

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Shortly after dawn on Saturday, September 16 1944, Michael Conneely, a bachelor of 55 years, was asleep in his cottage at Ailleabreach, Ballyconneely, when loud banging on his door woke him. He shouted ‘who’s there?’ The storm of the previous two days had abated but he couldn’t make out what the voice said. Grabbing a pitchfork, he slowly opened to door. Outside were two men, wet to the skin, in deep distress. Michael put the pitchfork to the throat of the first man: “Who are you?”

Spirit of the Garden or Slightly Sore Thumb?

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Get it right and it looks like it’s always been there, the spirit of the garden in stone or metal, sprung fully formed from the lusciously planted surroundings. Get it wrong and it sticks out like a sore thumb. Sculpture in the garden – it’s a tricky one to get right.


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