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Acupuncture could help hay fever and sinus problems

The root cause of hay fever and sinus problems could be treated with Chinese medicine, according to therapists at Care Cure Acupuncture.

Tackling hay fever with Chinese medicine

Care Cure Acupuncture believes that hay fever and sinus problems are caused by an imbalance in the lung and kidney meridians/channels.

What is crystal therapy?

Crystal therapy is a very gentle form of energy healing which uses crystals, minerals, and universal energy in the treatment. Crystals and minerals hold and emit high vibrations, therefore it helps raise our vibration and energy level to that of the crystals. All crystals vibrate at a different rate, therefore different crystals are used for different conditions.

Acupuncture needling out your ailments

Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment therapy that can combat different diseases and is a well regarded alleviator of pain. According to the Chinese medicine theory, there are energy pathways called meridians that flow through your body. The moment there is a blockage of their path it results in health related issues. When needles are inserted in the areas that need to be treated, which influence the energy flow through the meridians, they can restore your body’s natural rhythm to relieve the pain.

The tooth-body connection

Ever seen a reflexology chart, or an iridology chart? It should come as no surprise then that there are points within our jawbones—at specific tooth sites—that correspond to areas of the entire body, as well.

Boost your energy at Care and Cure clinic

Do you feel tired all the time? If you suffer from low energy levels, fatigue, and exhaustion, you might think that this is normal. At Care and Cure clinic, traditional Asian medicine is used to resolve the many problems that arise from fast-paced modern living. You might not show the classic symptoms of exhaustion, but feeling tiredness after eating, an afternoon slump, or a lack of get-up-and go are all problems which can escalate. You may end up finding it harder to concentrate on tasks, and feel increasingly frustrated and irritable. Acupuncture, acupressure, and traditional Chinese herbs can help. Using these tried and tested methods will soon increase your energy levels and put a pep in your step.

Acupuncture as an aid to fertility

The ancient Chinese believed that energy forces called meridians ran through the body. Blockages along these meridians could lead to sickness and other ailments, including infertility. Chinese acupuncture practitioners treat these blockages by painlessly inserting slender needles at different points along the meridians.

AcuGraph — combining ancient acupuncture techniques with new technology

AcuGraph is a digital meridian analysis that tests your energy levels or qi (chi) in the meridian system of your body. It combines the ancient practice of medical acupuncture with modern technology. By using a gentle probe it reads from key acupuncture meridian points on your hands and feet the energy levels in your body relating to each of your organs. It gives you a graph reading for you to see on screen which can be discussed with your acupuncturist.

Acupuncture as a treatment for pain relief

Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy that works miracles for different diseases, especially for relief of pain. According to Chinese medical theory, there are energy pathways called meridians that flow through your body. A blockage of these pathways results in health related issues. When needles are inserted in the areas which influence the energy flow through the meridians this relieves the pain.

Acupressure — needle free therapy helps energy flow freely

Acupressure is a Chinese method of healing that has been practised for some 3,000 years and which works on the meridians, energy channels that run in a network through the body. In a healthy body, the ‘chi’, or essential energy, flows freely and evenly through the meridians. When blockages occur, the body becomes unbalanced, chi is trapped, and disease occurs.

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