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Moving radio documentary wins award for Galway journalism student

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Galway student David Nevin has been selected as winner of the 2014 Headline Award for Student Journalism Related to Mental Health and Suicide for his radio documentary From Darkness Into Light.

Excommunication threat is ‘something from the Inquisition’

A Redemptorist priest threatened with excommunication for his outspoken views on the Church’s stance on homosexuality, contraception, and the ordination of women has likened his treatment to the Inquisition.

Come out from behind the shadows

Citizen journalism has been propping up mainstream media for the last few years and it is encouraging to see the public taking such an interest in the process of news gathering and reporting. But while journalism is a highly regulated profession, who regulates the bloggers?

Occupy Galway ‘shanty town’ not going anywhere before the parade

Cork and Dublin’s Occupy camps may have gone, but Occupy Galway is still on site in Eyre Square and has no plans to move despite growing opposition from many city councillors.

Watch out the mafia are coming to Kilkenny

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Well they may not quite be the mafia or be related to Tony Soprano but Alabama 3’s song ‘Woke up this morning’ is undoubtedly one of the coolest songs ever to feature on the airwaves.

‘...the point is to change it...’

What Ireland needs is a revolution, a revolution to clear out the deadwood, rid ourselves of failed ideologies that no longer work, and institute a new kind of society that is better placed to deal with the problems of today.


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