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Council prepares for winter weather extremes


Was James Hack Tuke the Oskar Shindler of his day?

A surprising rescuer of the Tuke assisted emigration scheme from the west of Ireland came from the London government. After the first group of 1,315 people had sailed from Galway for America on April 28 1882, the Tukes’ emigration fund was practically exhausted. Yet the demand for places grew each day. Now more than 6,000 applications, mainly from the Clifden area, but also from Belmullet, Newport and Oughterard, poured into the Clifden union where James Hack Tuke had his office. While poverty and famine remained endemic in the west of Ireland, people with spirit must have felt that the day-to-day grind was never ending. The threat of another Great Famine was very real. They wanted a new life.

James Hack Tuke and his plan to assist emigration from west of Ireland

The agricultural crisis of 1879, and growing civic unrest, prompted the Society of Friends in England to send James Hack Tuke to the west to inquire into conditions and to distribute relief. Tuke, the son of a well-to-do tea and coffee merchant family in York, England, published his observations in Irish Distress and its Remedies: A visit to Donegal and Connaught in the spring of 1880. In clear-cut language he highlighted the widespread distress and destitution at a time when the British government questioned the extent of the crisis.

Fire damage to Moate Boxing Club as decision due next week on extension


Government must stop banks from ‘hammering’ variable rate customers says Crowe

Variable rate customers across Galway are being “hammered” due to the Government’s failure to stop banks from increasing the interest rates.

Discover the benefits of nutritional therapy

Eating a predominantly plant based diet can have very positive effects on both physical and mental health. Rosanna Davison, final year nutritional therapy student at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, switched over 18 months ago. “Within two weeks I began to notice the many benefits, including improved energy, sleep, mental clarity and calmness, improved immunity, and increased fitness and muscle tone,” she said. “I have learned the true secret to improved long-term health and weight management, and what’s more that it is really easy.”

No flood solution for town until 2015

It could be 2015 before Athlone sees any long-term solution to the flooding problems that plagued the town in winter 2009.

No flood solution until 2015

It could be 2015 before the Midlands see any long-term solution to the flooding problems that plagued the region in winter 2009.

Despite reports lead contamination down in affected city waters

The levels of lead in the older areas of the city have dropped, city officials said this week, contrary to reports stating that the water contamination has spread throughout the city.

Honda Clarity wins World Green Car

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Honda’s FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell car was recently voted the World Green Car.

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