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New Chinese medicine clinic opens in Castlebar

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A new traditional Chinese medical clinic has just opened at Market Square, Castlebar.

Experience the benefits of healing massage therapies

Experience the many wonderful healing benefits of massage therapy — an ancient art of natural medicine practised for thousands of years — with Helen Momo at Indigo Holistic Healing Centre.

Learn about natural healing

People can learn about a method of natural healing which works with the body’s life force energy at a two day interactive video workshop at the Salthill Hotel on Sundays March 6 and 13.

Rebalance your body’s energy

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Bridie Marrey, a bio energy expert who is based in Headford, outlines the healing benefits of bio energy to Mayo Advertiser readers.

The Stonehouse - a heavenly world of discovery and relaxation

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Walking in to The Stonehouse in Clarinbridge is like entering a whole different heavenly world where it is possible to lose oneself for an entire day by rummaging through hundreds of fantastic books, discovering many wonderful trinkets and gifts, and revitalising the body and mind before indulging in a delicious piece of cake and cup of tea.


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