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Abortion- a legislator's duty is to consider the evidence’

The recent Oireachtas health hearings on abortion, held in January 2013, shed a lot of light on the question of whether abortion is needed to protect women’s health in Ireland.

McGuinness on local government, the public sector and the Senate

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Prior to his imminent trade mission with the Taoiseach to Japan this weekend, Minister of State at the Department of Enterprise and Trade John Mc Guinness took some time out to discuss the Irish economy, the public sector, Beverley Cooper Flynn, local elections, local government and more with the Kilkenny Advertiser.

Obama the boost that politics needs

On another occasion, you might feel sorry for all of the country’s politicians having to live up to the image of Obama. After all, how many of them are stick lean, fit, handsome and boasting a complete of teeth? How many of them can deliver a speech without the proliferation of ah and ohs and like, ya know what I mean. But they should relax. How often is it that someone who looks like him comes along.

Tributes paid to Seán Ó Neachtain as he bows out of EU race

Barely two weeks after he was nominated to stand as Fianna Fáil’s North West candidate for the European elections, MEP Seán Ó Neachtain made the surprise announcement on Monday that he would not run again.

“Intimidation” eviction to go to High Court

Athlone Town Council is to go to the High Court in an attempt to evict an anti-social tenant who put her neighbours' names on fake graves in her front garden at Hallowe'en and who claimed to a housing officer that she couldn't be touched “by the courts, the Gardai or the council”.

Councillor who cried foul over clamp removal had three removed

Cllr Daniel Callanan, the councillor who lifted the lid on the “clampgate” saga which revealed that several councillors had clamps removed free of charge from their cars was himself clamped 24 times and has had THREE clamps removed withour charge from his cars.


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