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'The days of enduring anti-social behaviour are coming to an end'

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After several years of speaking out strongly about anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping in Galway, finally there is a strategy in place which should put an end to this deplorable behaviour.

The Black and Tans' raid on O’Flaherty’s Pub

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The tall building in the centre of our picture of New Docks Road taken in 1903 was known as “Gas Tank” Flaherty’s pub. We presume he got his nickname because of the gasworks across the street. It was here that the distinguished English painter Augustus John lived for several weeks in 1914. He did a lot of painting and drawing around the city and especially the docks area, but when the World War I started, he began to worry that the locals would regard him as an English spy, so he went back to England.

Exhibition explores attitudes to 1916 leaders

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THE 1916 leaders have been demonised and canonised, praised for helping Ireland become independent, and blamed for the Northern Troubles - which began 50 years after their death. Their life and legacy is very much contested ground.


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