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Santa snacks for Christmas Eve

Santa has his work cut out for him on Christmas Eve with literally billions of presents to deliver to all the good boys and girls around the world. Most houses will leave out a snack to help Santa on his way; but what is the best snack to aid all this hard work?

Could hypnotherapy help people to think themselves thin?

Anyone who has ever struggled with his/her weight will be only too familiar with that feeling of frustration - and maybe even outright failure - that comes when a new diet or plan does not quite work out as expected.

TV fitness coach warns against giving up ‘everything’ in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle

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A Galway fitness coach who aims to help people achieve success in the popular RTE health and fitness programme Operation Transformation is warning people against giving up too many things as part of their New Year healthy living plan.

Look and feel great with Tan and Tone Westport

Before you start any programme to get healthy, you have to find your heartfelt higher purpose. If you want to have a lasting change you must create a connection in being well and what you value the most.

Twenty-one ways to improve your diet

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1. Variety is the key to a good diet. Every type of food contains its own unique make-up and may be high in some vitamins or minerals while devoid of others. Only by eating a wide selection of foods can you help ensure you receive all the fuel your body needs.

Welcome to a world of porcelain white teeth and a firmer, trimmer, body — Therapie Clinic holds the key

Therapie Clinic clients are looking particularly well-groomed this week, being Race Week and one of the most exciting weeks in Galway’s event calendar. The prestigious laser and skin clinic, located on Shop Street, introduced the award winning Polar White Pro pen just a few weeks ago and is still experiencing an unprecedented demand for this must-have product.

Eliminate migraine triggers before exams

More than 10 per cent of students suffer from migraine – a debilitating neurological condition that can last up to three days.

Health on a plate

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Do you sometimes despair about ever getting your family to eat healthy foods? You make all the effort and stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables yet they invariably turn up their noses at your offerings.

Keep your immune system in check

The cold and flu season has arrived for another year targeting weak immune systems all over the county. A Vogel herbal advisor, Rick North, gives us five simple tips to help boost our immune systems and keep our health in check.

Quarter of weekly shop is junk food

New research issued from weight-loss and weight-management specialists LighterLife shows that people in Ireland are spending over a quarter of their weekly supermarket shop on junk food.

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