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Council to examine sewage health hazard at Ballinfoyle Park

Galway City Council is to produce a comprehensive report on the sewerage system in the Ballinfoyle Park area amid reports of sewage oozing out in back gardens and green areas.

Furore over transfer of addiction service to UHG psychiatric unit

The man who set up the then Western Health Board’s addiction counselling service 27 years ago says he fears its planned transfer to the psychiatric unit at University Hospital Galway will signal the death knell of this vital service.

Cuts to be avoided if seventy five per cent target reached

Mayo County Council won’t have to worry about dealing with a €2.57 million hole in their budget if the collection rate for the household charge reaches between 75 and 80 per cent. County manager Peter Hynes told a special meeting of the council this Monday that, going by all indications following discussions with the Department of the Environment and the Minister, the potentially ‘catastrophic’ cuts would be avoided if those collection rates were met.

Judge adjourns assault case so gardaĆ­ can follow up on claim

Judge Mary Devins adjourned an assault case in Ballyhaunis this week so that gardaí can follow up on a claim made by the defendant during his evidence. Steve Issac with an address at The Old Convent, Ballyhaunis, was in court accused of assaulting Amar Satter at Abbey Street, Ballyhaunis, on December 4 2010. Satter had told the court that Issac had done some work for him in his shop on Abbey Street in the town. But when he had no more work, Issac began to harass him and text him. He claimed that on December 4 he saw Issac walking back and over in front of his shop and he texted him to tell him to leave him alone. He went on to say that he was outside his shop after 6pm in the evening when Issac came up to him and started abusing him, culminating in Issac grabbing him around his throat and pushing him against the wall.

A child remembers Easter in Russia

The busy city of Harbin is the 10th largest city in China, and regularly features on our TV screens for its famous winter ice sculptures. In the 1920s, Harbin, practically on the borders of Russia, was a refuge for thousands of émigrés, fleeing the Bolshevik revolution and the blood bath that followed. The Russians, many of them wealthy, brought style and glamour to this once far flung post on the Trans-Siberian railway. Among those seeking refuge was a 74-years- old Galway/Russian woman Kathleen ffrench, who was not only the chatelaine of Monivea Castle and its 10,000 acre estate in Co Galway, but who also had inherited vast estates on the Volga from her Russian grandparents.


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