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Metal at the Clubhouse to bring the walls down tomorrow night

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An evening of metal and doom will be descending on The Clubhouse in Castlebar Celtic tomorrow night Saturday, December 3. Next in a series of fundraisers for the 2012 Castlebar Music Festival is Metal at the Clubhouse and you will see some of the finest purveyors of heavy music in the west of Ireland descend on Castlebar for a night of metal-mayhem. For only €10, disciples of rock will be entertained by six bands, spanning various sub-genres of heavy metal.

The Sumbrellas - a little drop of world trad

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YOU DO not have to be a native of a particular country to enjoy its traditional music. Many who have never set foot in Cuba love the island’s sounds, numerous white indie bands are in thrall to Afro-beat, and Irish trad wins converts wherever it is heard.

Proust Questionnaire

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What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Mogwai - Scotland’s pride

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“MOGWAI STILL sound like the future, their five-strong core membership still the coolest gang in town.” So wrote Scottish crime fiction author Ian Rankin of the band that make their Galway debut on St Valentine’s Day.

Tom Portman launches new album at Town Hall

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TOM PORTMAN, performer, composer, songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist, launches his new album At One, with a gig at the Town Hall on Saturday January 29.

Arts attack in Kilkenny

“Painting: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic.”

The evolution of The Deans

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WHEN THE Deans released their debut album in 2008, they were a hard rocking, fretboard burning, blues band, but the last year has seen them evolve into an altogether different kind of rock’n’roll animal.

Mudhoney to play Róisín Dubh

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“NIRVANA MAY have put an entire generation in flannel, and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden both sold a lot more records, but Mudhoney were truly the band that made the ‘90s grunge rock movement possible.”

Rock out and laugh with Dead Cat Bounce

COMEDIANS PLAYING guitars are not new, but a comedy sketch group who can play with the panache and skill of a well-honed rock band, and be hilarious at the same time, certainly is.

Some divine sounds for the Galway Arts Festival

Galway audiences will be hopping on the ‘National Express’ or taking a ride on ‘My Lovely Horse’, in order to enjoy a game of cricket and a dance at the indie disco, in the company of The Divine Comedy in Galway this summer.


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