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Choosing subjects for senior cycle

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing your subjects for senior cycle, so it is extremely important to do your research and make informed decisions. Choosing subjects for Leaving Certificate is crucial to ensuring you achieve the best result you can in your Leaving Certificate.

The changing world of work

Up to the moment that Covid-19 blew apart the entire model by which humanity expressed itself in every aspect of our daily lived experience, nobody could have foreseen what was about to occur.

Exploring your college options for 2021

Many students get obsessed with points when thinking about their college options. There are many courses for which points are only one of the requirements. Points are only a factor when a student applies for a course where there are more students than college places. Basic entry requirements are equally important.

How to choose the right college courses

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How do I pick the right list of course choices?

CAO applications: What you need to know

Register for the CAO by January 20, by doing so you save money. You do this by registering with the Central Applications Office ( There are two deadlines for registering courses, depending on whether you are applying for a restricted course or an non-restricted course.

National Conference of Institute of Guidance Counsellors to take place in NUI Galway

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More than 500 guidance counsellors from all over Ireland are expected to attend the Institute of Guidance Counsellors National Conference which will be held in NUI Galway tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday. This 2020 conference is being hosted by the Galway/Mayo branch of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors. As well as facilitating the two day conference, NUI Galway has been unveiled as the main sponsor for this year’s event, with supporting sponsorship from GMIT.

More than 73,000 applicants meet CAO normal deadline

The Central Applications Office normal application deadline closed at 5.15pm on Saturday February 1. A total of 73,035 people applied by this deadline. This figure does not represent the total number of CAO applicants, as a late application facility opens on March 5 and closes on the May 1 at 5.15pm.

Study skills

Can you see the movie of your future every single morning? Have you set goals that are realistic or unrealistic? Are you one of those people who sets goals lower than you can achieve because you are afraid of failure? Think BIG and see yourself achieving a big goal, and your brain will start creating the opportunities to help you achieve that goal. Your life will start to fall into place. It is called the law of attraction. If we are positive we will attract positivity into our lives. Visualise success and play the movie of your future and how you want it to be every single day, and the impossible will become possible.

CAO applications — what you need to know and research

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If you hope to start an undergraduate college course in September, you need to register your application with the Central Applications Office as early as possible. The discounted fee currently stands at €45. The normal registration deadline for most applications is February 1.

Maximize your time with the guidance counsellor

Your appointment with the guidance counsellor is an opportunity for each Leaving Cert student to discuss individual needs with a professional, who is non-judgmental and focused on helping the student achieve his/her goals. It is important then, with limited resources in school, to make best use of this time. Being clear on what you want to achieve, while also being open to new ideas within your interest realm, can open up different worlds to a young person. While information, direction, and guidance is offered at this time, the arduous task of finding the right path is a personal one.

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