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A 'happy meal' in gorgeous Gort

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Have you ever really thought about what goes into the plate of food that is brought to your table in a restaurant? If you think about it, a large proportion of it comes down to the chef. It all starts at the back door of the restaurant, where products are unloaded every morning. Depending on the time of the year, chefs experiment, create, and make menus that are fresh, exciting, and appealing to customers all year round. Strawberries and fresh salad greens have come and gone, game and autumnal fruits are featuring now. If you do not have a good chef, then you do not have a good restaurant.

No 1 Pery Square Hotel and Spa Georgian Quarter, Limerick

You may be wondering why I have strayed from my usual turf all the way to Limerick; one reason is that with our new roads it is perhaps closer than you think, less than an hour to get there, and the second reason is that No 1 Pery Square is a jewel that really is worth a visit.

Number 8 bar and restaurant

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For those who have not sampled the food here, it is a very easy place to find. Just drive along the Dock Road and it is the all glass-fronted building facing out to the boats. During the week when you look in there will be lots of couches to relax on and at the weekend you will see lots of dining tables and chairs. This does not mean that the food is only served at the weekend, the food is served seven days a week from 5pm, and during the week you can eat from the comfort of an easy chair.


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