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Patricia’s vocation did not take root

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Patricia Burke Brogan joined the noviciate of the Mercy Sisters at the convent of St Vincent, Newtownsmith, Galway  at the end of the 1950s.  It was before the reforms of Vatican II had relaxed rule of the heavy medieval habit, the shorn hair, and a constant reminder ‘to keep custody of the eyes’. What was called ‘discipline’, which was nothing less than outrageous bullying, was meted out on the novices by some of the older nuns, in a cutting and wounding way. The nuns were hard on each other.

New college to teach Alexander Technique

Many people think that the Alexander Technique involves improving posture by ‘sitting up straight’. Nothing could be further from the truth. It involves releasing unconscious tension from our body to allow us to move through life with greater ease. It can dramatically help or prevent backache, arthritis, insomnia, and a whole range of physical aches and pains. By learning the technique you may find that your confidence and self-esteem naturally grow. You may also find a natural spontaneity, a greater contentment, and a deeper love of life.

Kilkenny School of yoga to move

The Kilkenny school of yoga is moving from its present location above Paris Texas on High St to beautiful new studios at 5 Irishtown.


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