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Golf dinner fallout is a wake-up call to complacency and arrogance

A few weeks ago, as a friend of mine was traversing cross country on his way to the south east, he stopped for a coffee at a big service station on one of the motorways. But as they got there, they could see that inside it was overly packed, that while the numbers might not have been in breach of anything, it was still not conducive to good public health were they to go in. His daughter noticed this too and said as much. “Daddy, there are too many people in there, let’s move along and go somewhere else.”

Breathtaking Ballyconneely property is second to none

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Ballyconneely has long been considered one of the most stunning locations in Connemara and, indeed, the west of Ireland. Its beautiful white sandy beaches, its unspoilt rugged countryside, and the mountainous scenery that seems to go on forever, are just a few of the reasons that holiday makers, from home and abroad, have been flocking here for many decades.

Councillor payments hit almost €1m last year

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Mayo County Council made payments of €979,734.11 last year in salaries, expenses and allowances to 31 councillors.

Most workers say they are less ambitious about their career due to family responsibilities

Striking the right balance between a successful career and a happy home life is the constant challenge faced by working parents – so much so that many professionals are pursuing more conservative career choices upon starting a family.


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