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Two by Two: Overboard! - Galway animated film proves a big hit

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TWO BY Two: Overboard!, produced by Galway animation company Moetion Films, and featuring a new song from Galway composer Eimear Noone, is in cinemas now.

Galway United gets behind St Vincent de Paul appeal

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Every year, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides help with food to thousands of families at Christmas to ensure that every family has what they need. This Christmas over 140,000 people in communities across the country will ask SVP for help with food fuel and basic clothing. This charity asks people to buy or get non-perishable food from their home and give it to your local SVP.

Going to market

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“Every Saturday morning a procession of donkey-carts set out, nose to tail, for the market in Galway. This took place in the triangular patch by the Collegiate Church of St Nicholas. It dates from 1320 and was dedicated to St Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors, who was chosen then as the patron saint of Galway. There the donkeys were unharnessed and tethered to a wheel, the shafts were let down to the ground and the goods to be sold were displayed on the sloping cart. Vendors came from many more prosperous areas and their wares were a source of envy to those who lived in the congested strip along the coast. Eggs in big wicker baskets with hinged lids, ducks, hens and chickens, wooden kegs of buttermilk, home churned butter laid in rolls on cabbage-leaves, cabbages, onions, sometimes geese, hand-knitted socks – all sold briskly throughout the morning to the people of the town.

Work underway to facilitate Galway's farmers with livestock sales says Cannon

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An East Galway TD has welcomed assurances from the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed that ways are being explored to ensure the sale of livestock for the county's farmers.

The Lighthouse - brilliant, difficult, funny, and unnerving

ROBERT PATTINSON is Ephraim Winslow, a new lighthouse keeper starting his first day of work on the coast of New England in the late 1880s. He is partnered with Thomas, played by Willem Defoe, a veteran wickie, as he calls himself.

Better late than never, we’re heading to Africa to create a learning environment

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It has always been one of my great regrets that I never went to work as a teacher in South America or Africa or as we used to say when I was young “go on the missions”. So when the opportunity presented itself earlier this year I decided now is the time.

Bumpfizzle The Best

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There is an inherent wonder and sometimes infectious joy in picking up a children’s book if only for a minute. The magical wonders promised by the busy colourful images on the cover may only last a few moments, but the memories they bring back are often real, long lasting and always joyful. The suspension of disbelief is total and time stands completely still.

Preparing for the invasion of Mayo

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"People in the country in a position to know have stated that a national emergency may arise any moment, and an attack on the country may be imminent", so warned MJ Egan, County Commissioner for Mayo at a public meeting in Ballyhaunis in August 1940. An official state of emergency had already been in place since being proclaimed in the Dáil on September 2 1939, the day after Nazi Germany invaded Poland. Egan was principally Mayo County Secretary, but as County Commissioner his role was to create a network of parish councils that would maintain services in the event of an invasion and the possible incapacitation of central government. The Ballyhaunis meeting created its own council, bringing the figure to over 100 councils formed in 76 Mayo parishes. Since the fall of France to the Nazis in mid-1940, Britain was forced to tighten its own rationing programme. This had knock-on effects for Ireland. A key function of the parish councils would be the securing and distribution of food in a post-invasion scenario. Egan reported to, and received instruction from the new Department of Supplies under Minister Seán Lemass. It was through Egan as County Commissioner that a series of emergency precautions and directions were issued to the Mayo public.

Gardenwise - Plants for Pollinators

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Early this morning, letting the dog out to, ahem, powder her nose in the garden, a gentle humming reminded me that the day’s work was already under way for bees on the early shift. Closer inspection of a nearby catmint revealed several little furry bodies buzzing harmoniously as they moved methodically from one bloom to the next. This plant – Nepeta “Six Hills Giant” – is a magnet for them and you will often find several bees busy at work on the same plant.


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