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Galway community organic garden celebrates its tenth birthday

One of Galway city’s oldest community gardens, Ballinfoile Mór Community Organic Garden, will celebrate its 10th birthday on Sunday and host a harvest festival for residents.

Bee-ing friendly to little Buzzers...

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When I sit down with clients to discuss their garden design, I always ask them if they would like a wildlife friendly garden, as there are so many ways to encourage beneficial wildlife into a garden, using both design features and choice of plants. Almost everyone is keen to encourage bees and butterflies, with a growing awareness of the decline in bee numbers and the need to provide vital sources of nectar and pollen for them.

Stay thirsty for saving our future

We live in a world in which we tend to undervalue the common, but that perception can suddenly change when it becomes scarce. Hence this week the principle of scarcity is to the fore in Ireland - a product of abundance, one we utilise, not cherish; take for granted, not appreciate, is now taking control of our lives. Yes, we are talking about water and the lack of it.

Community garden to become social, health, environmental and learning hub

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After the winter break, the Ballinfoile Mór Community Garden will reopen this Saturday (February 18) at 11am.


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