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Planning to go from cows to cabbages

An Bord Pleanala will debate this September whether growing vegetables is agriculture or not. A Galway case has been appealed to An Bord Pleanala following a decision by Galway City Council that a change from livestock to horticulture constituted a change of use. We have become so used to livestock grazing every field that any other form of food production feels and looks wrong to some people.

Arthritis Ireland looking to highlight impact of osteoarthritis on farmers

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Arthritis Ireland is looking to speak to farmers about how osteoarthritis (OA) affects them, as part of a forthcoming awareness campaign.

JP McHugh to judge Wild Atlantic Words short story competition

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The 2021 Wild Atlantic Words literary festival short story competition will be judged by award-winning writer, John Patrick McHugh.

May Sundays in Menlo

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“Boats from the Long Walk as well as the Boraholla boats were plying, and the shouting of the boatmen 'Who’s for Menlo, twopence a head, children free' rent the air …. It is a slow voyage but no-one minds. Joe Banks, piper to the King plays ‘The Rakes of Mallow'. Joe Kelly is piping in another boat, which is occupied by the Mayor of Galway …… Sweet vendors were working night and day preparing sugar-sticks and kiss-pipes which were sold in colours of red and white at a half-penny each ….. the cries of different vendors of eatables and drinks rent the air: ‘Cider a penny a glass …. The real juice of the American apple; Guinness threepence per pint and minerals twopence per bottle’ is the shout …… Puritans and temperance fanatics were unknown …. The ladies in the enclosure, which was at this side of the castle, with their sunshades and costumes of mid-Victorian days, looked beautiful. The villagers and colleens with their shoulder-shawls and neat pinafores were a picture of neatness and comeliness. They were all dressed — not undressed as they are today. Lady Blake hands the prizes and cups to the successful crews. The Miss Blakes are chatting in good old Irish to Maureen, Shawneen and Paudeen.”

Finding love in Ireland in the nineteen thirties and forties

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The lot of a country girl growing up in rural Ireland in the 1930s and 40s was a lottery. If her family had a decent farm, and were relatively well off, she could go to university or train as a nurse, and could marry a prosperous farmer.

Local farmers reminded to take advantage of the annual Organic Farming Scheme

Local farmers considering an application to the Organic Farming Scheme have until April 30 to do so, following the reopening of the scheme earlier this month, with an additional budget of €4 million for 2021.

Mountbellew students through to finals of Certified Irish Angus Schools Competition

Four transition year students from Holy Rosary College, Mountbellew have qualified for the national finals of the Certified Irish Angus Schools Competition, taking place this month. Their final presentation and interview is due to be held on April 15 via Hopin conferencing.

New Galway novel explores embattled family farming life

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AN AGEING Irish farmer, Íosac Mulgannon, is trying to keep hold of his farm. He may be going senile, and as these twin battles rage, he seeks to protect and care for a mute boy, burdened with a particular curse.

Joyce’s Supermarkets to mark International Women’s Day 2021

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Every year on March 8, the world celebrates International Women’s Day, celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The main theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is Choose To Challenge. It is believed that a challenged world is an alert world so we should all try to #ChooseToChallenge in every way we can.

'If one policeman is shot here up goes the town'

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By early 1921 Britain’s war in Ireland was not just a moral issue, but a financial one. The sheer expense of solving 'The Irish Question', considering financial reparation for the loss of civilian life and destruction of private property, along with the price tag of the Crown Forces’ operations in Ireland, was staggering.


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