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Start the New Year with a tailor made diet plan

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While lots of people will be seeking to reassess their diet and lifestyle as part of their New Year resolutions, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Westmeath pharmacists warn against mixing alcohol with medicines over Christmas

Pharmacists in Westmeath are warning about the dangers of consuming alcohol while taking medicines or herbal remedies. Westmeath pharmacists issue the warning at a time when many people are already suffering from coughs, colds, and flus, and the Christmas party season is already well underway. Nationally, the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) is highlighting the dangers of mixing alcohol and medicines.

Cardio screenings at Staunton’s Pharmacy

Sudden death claims 5,000 lives a year; make a promise to your heart and attend an Irish Natural Medicare screening. Experts offer a medically approved Bpro Cardio screening which is clinically proven to measure central aortic systolic pressure 99.7 per cent as accurately as an angiogram.

Savings for a rainy day may all be needed for health care

For some time now there have been complaints that Irish people are stockpiling too much money away in savings instead of spending and keeping the economy ticking over. Some ten years ago the story was an entirely different one when the government of the day introduced an unbeatable SSIA savings scheme, offering €1 on every €4 euro saved, up to a maximum contribution of €50 per month on every €250 saved. Despite demands for this 'free money' to be stopped by some public figures who wanted it siphoned off in the direction of social welfare, the scheme ran for five years, generating an attractive €20,000+ lump sum for those fortunates who could avail of the maximum top-up.

Irish Natural Medicare at Staunton’s

Medically approved Bpro cardio screenings will be held in Staunton’s Pharmacy, Main Street, Castlebar, on Thursday February 16. These screenings are clinically proven to measure central aortic systolic pressure 99.7 per cent as accurate as an angiogram.


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