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Metal, punk, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

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WHEN ARNOCORPS finished their ferociously entertaining show - their concerts are so much more than a gig... - singer/front-man Graf Holzfeuer bellowed out in true Schwarzenegger fashion: "We'll be baaaack!"

Club GASS - two shows for Pride

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CLUB GASS, Galway's only LGBT+ club night, will run for two nights as part of the 2017 Galway Community Pride festival, taking place in the Róisín Dubh this Friday and Saturday night.

Arnocorps - Swarzenegger punk

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THEY BASE all their songs on Arnold Swarzenegger movies and describe their sound as "Action adventure hardcore rock and roll". They are San Francisco metal/punk band Arnocorps.

Festival essentials for the savvy festival-goer

Festival season has begun in earnest, with a host of summer festivals offering a great alternative way to enjoy the outdoors. To guarantee a successful weekend, certain steps can be taken to prepare for the all-nighters and rough sleeping situations. Include a spot in your luggage for some multifunctional products to ensure your body (face paint and all) is prepared for any debauchery!


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