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How to avoid a mid-day slump

We all have times in the day when we have a slump during the day and work can be a struggle. I have five tips below that might help avoid the slump and keep you powering through. I hope they help. None of these tips will work if you don't! Make sure you try a few.

Tips to keep things under control

Q: Over the last few months I have felt a lack of control in some areas of my life. Not being sure what will happen to my company is causing me a lot of stress and unease. It is hard to concentrate and be productive not knowing what’s coming next. Any suggestions? (BC, email).

Pertinent dangers of an increased sugar level intake


Coping with burnout

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Do you feel tired and drained most of the time? Do you suffer from muscular pain and frequent headaches? Have you lost your appetite and is your sleeping pattern disturbed?

Well-drilled Loughrea halts Mellows four-year title run

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Loughrea 0-22

Irish company SOMEGA launches liposomal vitamin C for optimum absorption and maximum health benefit

Cork-based food supplement business SOMEGA has just launched a new food supplement, SOMEGA Liposomal Vitamin C. SOMEGA was co-founded by husband and wife team, Mark Clifford and Dr Paula Gaynor who, between them, have more than 30 years of nutrition and food science expertise. According to Gaynor: “At SOMEGA, we work hard to produce premium food supplements that make a positive difference to people’s lives.”

Fight fatigue naturally with Evergreen

Do you feel like you are always tired even though you have had good night’s sleep? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Most of us know what it is like to be tired, especially when we have a cold, flu, or some other viral infection. But when you suffer from a constant lack of energy it may be wearing.

Four things elite athletes do to stay healthy — and you should too

I wrote this article a good few years ago from an Irish athletic camp in the Pyrenees mountains. There was a mix of elite senior athletes and some younger athletes trying to get the benefit of altitude. I had the pleasure of doing the physio for these athletes and get some training done myself. Win win! Here is the article:

Westmeath senior football captain welcomes roadmap to playing return


Ten easy ways to be healthieresty Spring lamb with cannellini beans a must this Easter Sunday

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Staying healthy and ensuring our immune system remains strong has never been more important. It is essential for both our own and other people's health that we do our utmost to reduce our risks and protect ourselves from the Covid-19 pandemic.


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