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Always the favourite for entertainment and style – it’s Race Week at the new look Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway

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Be part of the most exciting social event of the summer calendar, at the new look Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Galway. Race Week is a week they love at Radisson Blu, as the hotel has become synonymous with the best in hospitality and post-event fun connected to one of the greatest race meetings in the world, the famous and iconic Galway Races.

Mums spend more than two hours a day doing housework

A survey conducted by multivitamin brand, Pharmaton, has found that a mother’s work is never done, with 40 per cent of mums in Ireland spending between two and four hours on housework each day.

Rawky - enjoy the perfect blend of nature’s goodness

Laurence Bolger is a husband, new dad, sports enthusiast, and food lover.

Caring for the carers

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Angela Geoghegan arrived at her daughter Carmel's house in Oughterard one winter's day carrying a little suitcase. The former confectioner was 84 years of age and suffering from vascular dementia. She never went home.

Rawky — the perfect blend of nature’s goodness

Laurence Bolger is a husband, new dad, sports enthusiast, and food lover. After years of working in the food industry in Ireland and the Middle East, he was increasingly conscious of what was going into his own body. Yet with work and other commitments taking over every waking hour, he still found himself choosing quick and unhealthy options.

Wheatgrass can be a wonderful addition to your diet

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When you provide the body with the right food and physical conditions, it will be better equipped to heal itself. The body is a very powerful and self-regenerating organism; it possesses all the necessary systems for regeneration, rejuvenation, and rebuilding. It also has an extremely efficient immune system, which is capable of fending off the most damaging invaders.

Keeping up that sparkle for the Christmas season!

The Christmas party season can be tiring, but many people are unaware that if they are feeling tired it might be because of something they are, or are not, eating. If you are feeling constantly tired it is important to talk to your GP to ensure there is no underlying cause. But you can also check your diet to make sure it doesn’t include any ‘energy robbers’, such as the following:

Taking my health into my own hands with Castle Leisure Club

Following a recent health scare, our man Seamus Mulligan decided to get his health and fittness back in check and with the help of Castle Leisure Club, he has embarked on a new fitter and healthier life. He tracks his first steps below.

Mayo finalists celebrate at the Unislimmer of the Year

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Four Unislim members from Mayo celebrated achieving their amazing weight loss at this year's 44th Unislimmer of the Year Awards in Dublin on Wednesday last week. They competed against 10 other finalists (eight female and two male) hailing from across Ireland for the coveted title of Unislimmer of the Year 2016.

And finally, have you any questions for us?

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By the time you reach the end of the interview, all you want to do is get out the door as fast as you can. However, that could be a mistake, and asking the right question or questions might just help you to secure a job offer, writes SABINA TRENCH, CAREER COACH, SLI NUA CAREERS.


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