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Disqualified driver collected his wife and daughter from night out

A man who was two months away from his driving disqualification coming to an end was detected driving after he collected his wife and daughter from a country and western night.

Angry mother expresses horror over short sentence for death driver

The mother of a four-year-old boy killed when a disqualified driver ploughed into him on a Westmeath road says she is horrified his four month prison sentence has been remitted.

Learner driver drove defective car at 130kph

A learner driver, with no insurance and who drove a defective car through townlands at speed, in a dangerous manner, while being pursued by gardaí, led Judge Mary Devins to consider what would be a “deterrent” instead of imposing a custodial sentence. According to Judge Devins defendant’s “race to the Circuit Court” to appeal such sentences.


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