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Mike Geraghty to run in Galway City Central

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Mike Geraghty has become the third Independent candidate to stand for election in the highly competitive Galway City Central ward in May’s Local Elections.

The race for city’s directly-elected mayor

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Minister Phil Hogan’s eyes were still adjusting to natural light last week after spending the duration of the recent referendum campaign locked in the basement of Government Buildings.

River walk to be jewel in the crown of Castlebar says new Mayor

“While we were doing well business-wise in the town, we took our eye off the tourism industry a bit and other towns went with it. It’s something that we have to look at and work on this year.” Cllr Eugene McCormack who took over the stewardship of Castlebar Town Council when he was elected Mayor this week, wants to see Castlebar become a tourist Mecca. There is one project which is about to come on stream which he believes could provide the kick start to this tourism drive. “The river walk is the jewel in the crown, a fantastic job has been done so far there and when we get the new bridge to link it all together it will be a fantastic amenity to the people of the town and from elsewhere.” However the walk in its current guise is only a small part of a bigger walking attraction that McCormack hopes to see in the town. “There is a walking strategy for the county and as part of that, we’re looking to see the river walk extended out as far as Islandeady at one end and out to Turlough on the other. We also hope to see them all linked in with the Greenway which will link Westport to Achill in the future, this is sometime in the future, but it’s a plan that would be a huge attraction to the area.”

Ó Brolcháin vows to run positive campaign despite negative times

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Political pundits may be predicting extinction for the Green Party after the next election, but the Green’s Galway West candidate Niall Ó Brolcháin is determined to be optimistic.

Kilkenny may follow Dublin and get a directly elected mayor

Kilkenny along with Galway, Limerick, Cork, and Waterford may be about to follow Dublin and have a directly elected mayor according to Green Party senator and former mayor of Galway Niall Ó Brolcháin.

Galway to follow Dublin and get directly elected mayors says Ó Brolcháin

Galway, Limerick, Cork, Waterford, and Kilkenny, are likely to follow Dublin and get a directly elected Mayor according to Green senator and former mayor of Galway Niall Ó Brolcháin.

As Malcolm bows out – it’s Martin for mayor

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Kilkenny has said good-bye to Malcolm Noonan as one of the most popular mayors ever seen by the city, and welcomed its newest arrival into the Mayoral Chambers – Martin Brett.

The times we live in

Lee farce ruins chances of commoners in mayoral polls

There probably could not have been a better week for the Government to pass its laws on directly elected mayors. The idea of such a scenario has sent shivers down the spines of politicos for some time, given the fear that these seatsmay end up in the hands of what the royals might call ‘commoners’

Ó Brolcháin calls for directly elected mayor of Galway city

Galway should follow Dublin’s lead and elect a fully accountable mayor with real powers to direct transport, planning, and other local services.


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