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Treat your mother with a Niamh Daniels treasure

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Niamh Daniels is an award-winning Galway designer with a range of beautiful printed silk fashion accessories. She has launched a new scarf collection just in time for Mother’s Day. This season, Niamh has collated her most popular designs from previous collections to create a varied and colourful range of scarves for you to choose from.

Mother's Day Swag 2021: Ten gift ideas to treat Mam during Lockdown!

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The time to show our appreciation for our mothers has come. Mother’s Day is on Sunday – and you’d better not forget it. Lockdown Level 5 means we can’t celebrate it as we would like to but that doesn’t mean the big day for the Irish mammy should go unmarked. You might not be able to pay your Mams a visit this March 14th, shopping might prove difficult and you might lack of ideas to spoil your mother in the current climate. But luckily, at the, we have compiled ten gift and treat ideas to show Mam how much you love her on Mother's Day.

Glenn Gibson - the ‘accidental artist’

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IT ALL began in the most unexpected fashion - an artistic career formed by paperclips and enduring long business meetings in the USA.

Maggie Murphy, 2 Wild Geese

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What makes the Latin Quarter stand apart from other place is its uniqueness and its ability to attract businesses and services that seem such a natural fit with its overall ethos. 2 Wild Geese opened their doors in November 2018 in the Corbett Court Shopping Centre when they realised that there was a need in Galway to provide a premises where local designers and crafts people would have a route to market, be it through the traditional retail or by shelf-to-rent premise.

The long journey from Bowling Green was over

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The Joyces finally arrived in Zurich on 17 December 1940 exhausted after weeks of torturous negotiations with the German, Vichy-French and Swiss authorities. They had sought refuge in Switzerland during World War I, now they hoped to do so again. To add to the stress of it all they had to leave their daughter Lucia behind in a psychiatric hospital in Brittany which was behind German lines. Joyce hoped that once settled in Zurich he could use all the influence he could muster to have her follow them to safety.

Gardenwise | Sorbus – They’re Super!

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I’m feeling a lot of love for Sorbus at the moment – they are such a super little tree. Our native Sorbus aucuparia is also commonly known as the rowan or mountain ash, which confuses people a lot – this is the kind of confusion that the use of botanical names, as opposed to common ones, helps to avoid. Anyway. You’ll know Sorbus aucuparia by its pinnate leaves – small leaflets arranged either side of a common stalk – and its abundant bunches of scarlet berries, visible from mid to late summer onwards. It’s a small, dainty tree, and this, as well as its long season of interest – bunches of creamy blossom in spring and good autumn leaf colour – make it a good candidate for a small garden. It’s also good for exposed locations, being completely unfazed by poor soil and strong winds.

Baboró 2020 - Galway’s children’s festival launches today

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Today marks the launch of the 24th annual Baboró International Arts Festival for Children, with young Galway audiences set to enjoy two weeks of music, theatre, dance, art, and a wild ride of fun for the imagination.

Network Galway announces Local winners of Businesswoman of the Year Awards 2020

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This year Network Ireland had to revisit the award categories for the annual Businesswoman of the Year Awards and the focus for 2020 is on the professional woman as a whole entity, looking at the totality of their professional and community to reflect the altered working world we find ourselves in. 2020 has brought about a time for reflection, drawing on the #Powerwithin which is the Nationals Presidents mantra for this year, to create a new way forward.

Gardenwise | What’s In a Name?

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When I’m discussing planting plans with clients they’re sometimes nonplussed by the botanical names of plants, and it’s hard to blame them - after all, not many of us are familiar with Latin in the twenty first century. There’s a very good reason for using them, though, and it’s not just to baffle you with hard to pronounce tongue twisters.


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