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University of Galway to lead on clinical trials of the future

University of Galway has announced the establishment of Ireland’s first Institute for Clinical Trials — a development that will transform the clinical research landscape by creating an environment where scientific advances are translated into improved care for patients.

Galway RNLI trauma simulation exercise on Galway Bay

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The Galway RNLI volunteer crew carried out a training exercise with the University of Galway Clinical Simulation and Interprofessional Education Facility last week.

Hospital consultants warn that patient health in the west and northwest at risk due to excessive treatment delays

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A growing shortage of acute hospital beds across the region is resulting in waiting lists for essential treatment and impacting on patient outcomes, the Irish Hospital Consultants Association (IHCA) has warned this week.

Survey reveals links between cost-of-living crisis and healthy living

New research led by Slimming World, the UK and Ireland’s largest weight-loss organisation, has revealed that the cost-of-living crisis is making it more difficult to make healthy food choices.

Midland Regional Hospital formally launches midwifery-led clinic and antenatal education

Midland Regional Hospital Maternity Services has announced two exciting new developments in maternity care for women of the Midlands region with the launch of a community midwifery-led clinic and parentcraft antenatal education for expectant mothers.

Troy implores immediate implementation of relief road noise mitigation measures

Mitigation measures aimed at reducing noise pollution on the Athlone relief road must be implemented without delay, local Fianna Fáil Deputy, Robert Troy, stated this week.

Accelerated benefits of wound healing with hyperbaric oxygenation

Hyperbaric oxygenation is an effective and scientifically proven treatment for non-healing wounds.

Accelerated wound healing with hyperbaric oxygenation

Hyperbaric oxygenation is an effective and scientifically proven treatment for non-healing wounds. It works by exposing the person to increased levels of oxygen in a pressurised chamber, which facilitates the healing process. The increased pressure allows more oxygen to enter the bloodstream and reach damaged tissues, therefore promoting wound healing.

No need for people to be suffering in pain, says city businesswoman after Spanish surgery

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People who endure constant pain while on long waiting lists for procedures could save themselves the agony and the time by availing of the EU Cross Border Health Directive, said a well-known Galway city businesswoman.

Slimming World slimmers prove you can savour chocolate and lose weight this Easter

Those who would like to lose weight think they have to avoid chocolate temptations this Easter, but slimmers in Slimming World groups know there is no need to turn the Easter Bunny away.


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