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Support your immune system, naturally - part two

Last week we discussed some of our favourite vitamins and herbs to support your wellbeing and immune health. Now for part two we will look at these nutrients in a little more detail. Here are Evergeen's product recommendations under those categories.

At risk groups encouraged to get the flu vaccine

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It is not too late to get your flu vaccination and the HSE is now urging people in high-risk groups to get vaccinated.

Parents urged not to send children with flu-like symptoms to school

The HSE is urging parents not to send their children to school if they have flu-like illnesses or any of the associated symptoms, such as a high temperature, aches and pains, or a chesty cough in a bid to curtail the spread of the infection.

Coughs and chest infections

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As it is January there are a lot of visitors to Evergreen Eyre Square who are suffering with coughs and chest infections. Unfortunately, a cough or chest infection is part of the winter for many, and some vulnerable people may find it hard to recover.


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