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Only use antibiotics when necessary, urges health chief

A local health specialist is urging people to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use. Otherwise we risk squandering one of the most important medical advances of the past 100 years, he warns.

Advertiser staff mourn passing of their colleague Felicity Stewart

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She was the kind of person who, once encountered, was never forgotten. People who had met her only briefly would say to me; “How’s your friend Felicity?” Tall, attractive, a dynamic individual, Felicity Stewart made an immediate impact; her colourful personality displayed not only in her choice of flamboyant clothing but so, too, her hair was always changing colour from natural pale red to a variety of bottled shades.

Cold comfort

Are you miserable and hot all over due to a cold or flu? If so Chillow, the only non electrical cooling product on the market, may be a welcome addition to your home.

HSE advice to the public during adverse weather

Despite a thaw in some parts of the country today, risks to the public from slips and falls on icy footpaths are likely to continue in the days ahead, the HSE said today. The elderly and vulnerable remain at risk of isolation in many parts of the country and the HSE today reminded people to drop in on elderly neighbours to ensure that they had adequate food, heating and prescription medicines. The public should remember that elderly people are particularly prone to hypothermia and pneumonia and while temperatures are due to rise slightly in the days ahead, health and safety risks, particularly to the elderly and vulnerable, are likely to remain for the foreseeable future.


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